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    Ukraine's army recruitment centres inundated with willing soldiers

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    With the situation in Ukraine at flash point following recent developments in Crimea, military recruitment centres in Kyiv are seeing a lot of footfall.

    Though only a part of the reservists have been summoned, many others have felt the call of duty.

    One man interviewed by our correspondent outside the office said, “I came because I feel a responsibility towards my land, for my country…I am reservist officer. I left the army two years ago. But I came here on my own initiative even without officially being called up.”

    Another echoed his sentiments.

    “It is our country. I took an oath of allegiance,” he said, continuing “if there are serious events, the duty of every man is to come and in case of trouble it is everyone’s duty to respond.”

    Some centres have received so many recruits that they have been forced to close to any new offers.

    But the army want to be ready.

    “The armed forces of Ukraine are on the highest alert,” declared Colonel Volodimyr Kyndal, a Kyiv military commissioner. “We call all officers to serve the people to strengthen army bases and now we are working to renew their skills and knowledge in case of mobilisation,” he explained.

    A self-defence group are also signing up willing recruits at the site of the Maidan protests.

    With six times fewer soldiers than the Russian army, Ukraine is seen as no match for Moscow’s military might.