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    Ukraine accuses Russia of further troop movements amidst Crimea crisis

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Despite growing international pressure Russia has shown no signs of normalising its Crimean presence.

    Ukraine has accused the Kremlin of seizing key border posts and deploying 16,000 Russian troops in the region since last week.

    In many areas across Crimea a stand off persists, with besieged Ukrainian outfits unwilling to stand down in the face of heavily equipped counterparts.

    Moscow claims their presence is one for stability and to protect its citizens. Kyiv says the world is witnessing an invasion.

    In Ukraine’s West tensions flared as pro-Russian protesters surrounded Odessa’s regional parliament blocking the steps to the legislative building.

    In the Eastern city of Donetsk they went one step further, storming the areas centre of power. Those demonstrating could be heard calling for the region to break from Kyiv.