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    IAM - La saga


    por Superfro

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    Royal Fam, IAM, Sunz of Man, Wu Tang Clan
    'bout to take it to another chamber. From Medina to Marseille... Marseille, Marseille ...

    Prodigal sunn:

    Yo, IAM, SUNZ OF MAN from the ROYAL FAM never ate ham, never gave a damn !

    Timbo King:

    In the begining there was darkness, then came light
    I grab the mic to dis' your ass just for spite
    What ? You can't fuck with the flows I bring
    Watch the staff I swing... It's Timbo King, astonishing, I'm dramatic to the ear television tells lies to your vision, So, beware of the trick-nology set off to fool the mind, If you're dumb you're lost, if you're wise you will find,that, poison is a devil substance made for scratch, 'Cause one rotten apple destroys the whole batch you scratch
    I throw jabs to your jaws so quick
    You get bashed in the head with a stone face brick
    We're thick like molasses, deeper than the earth's mantle
    Royal take over, stampede, trample
    Those who force kids tell lies to the youth
    My grand child, my roots run deep is proof what ?


    Prodigal Sunn : refrain...

    Dreddy Krueger

    I'm blowing niggaz out the frame
    Now what's my motherfuking name [Dreddy Krueger] I'm playing niggaz like a boy game
    You can't fuck with the drunk Dreddy Krueger
    Blaow ! Blaow !Two slugs from my rugger and I move ya [move ya] I write rhyme when I'm sober
    Singing when I'm drunk, the Buddah Monk got the skunk, Yo, I smoke niggaz like kryptonite blunts
    Dog bitches like soup, fucking up my stew, then yo
    I step the gates and troop to see my nigga
    The gza, who had my bulletproof [my bulletproof]
    Vest for my chest to relieve some of my stress [stress]And I'm safe from my neck to my waist
    But still I gotta to worry about a nigga catching me in the face, And beat the case, just 'cause he had papes[get it straight]

    Prodigal Sunn : IAM, SUNZ OF MAN from the ROYAL FAM never ate ham, never gave a damn !


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