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    "Circling Carousels" by Ashlee North

    Nathalie Duffau

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    Leeanne Asher-Northey, writing as Ashlee North / Circling Carousels

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    SB / soft, b&w / 6x9 soft / 188 pages / $14.50

    ISBN: 978-1-62857-154-7

    In a perfect world, the carousel of life should be a beautiful thing. It should turn with beauty and grace in peaceful, joyous revolutions. In reality, sometimes, this is just not the case! Regardless of our reaching for happiness, the ride can still grind on, spin uncontrollably, and leave bruises in its wake. Circling Carousels is such a story.

    In these pages, you will fall in love with Candice and her lovely twin girls, Sienna and Crystal. As the story unfolds, you’ll ride their carousel with them in convoluted circles full of murderous intrigue, life-threatening danger, deceit, not-so-innocent love, hatred, and soul-destroying evil.

    You will experience their birth and their lives, follow their despair and hope, and long for a happy ending. Their story takes you from the lows of complete poverty and underworld activity, to the heights of riches, which comes at a terrible price. Men will love them, own them, use them, hate them, and sell their very souls. Women will trick them, hurt them, help them, control them, but eventually bring them healing.

    Sienna and Crystal will be torn from each other in dreadful circumstances. You will be unable to do anything but ride the ever-turning carousel until the final engrossing page.

    Ashlee North lives on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. Her writing tries to show that even in the hardest of circumstances, there is hope for the future and love may be right around the corner. The author has a gorgeous daughter, and a wonderfully handsome and supportive husband. She has written five books and also helps disabled young people live better and more enjoyable lives.

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