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    Press TV Interacts with Viewers


    by PressTV

    Press TV’s new program Interaction will review the most recent Press TV news, programs and messages received on Press TV’s Website as well as various social networks.

    Interaction is going to give an active voice to Press TV’s audience from around the globe expressing their views on Press TV’s pages in different social networks.

    This episode of the show touches upon issues like the turmoil in South Sudan, unrest in Ukraine, Geneva II conference on Syria, Syrian army’s mop-up operations against the militants.

    The softer side of the news on the US tech company’s collaboration with the NSA, whether Edward Snowden should be regarded as a traitor or a hero, video of a 2 year old Australian toddler skateboarding like pros going viral are all reviewed in this episode.

    Viewer’s comments and ideas reflected on Press TV’s website and its social media pages on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Live Leak are also reviewed in the show.