Man Allegedly Called Sherriff's Office Nearly 3,000 Times to Harass Dispatchers

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43-year-old Keith Lukas from Florida was recently convicted for allegedly dialing the Hillsborough County Sheriff's non-emergency number repeatedly.

There are some people who seem to thoroughly enjoy calling police on a regular basis. That appeared to be the case for 43-year-old Keith Lukas from Florida.

Lukas was recently convicted for dialing the Hillsborough County Sheriff's non-emergency number a total of 2,927 times.

Lukas appeared in court for the charges relating to the seemingly never-ending stream of calls from May 1, 2012 to December 5, 2013. He entered a no contest plea to placing the harassing phone calls and was sentenced to probation.

As a term of his punishment, he is now banned from contacting the sheriff's office unless he has an authentic emergency. That will give dispatchers a nice break.

Prior to his conviction, Lukas would call the sheriff’s office repeatedly, sometimes 20 times a night.

Mostly he spewed curses at the dispatchers. He also complained about his previous arrests and how he was treated by police.

"Tell me where you are if you need a deputy. I'll get one sent out to you.
What's your address?"
"Is that a threat?" [WTVT]

Lukas claims that he plans to move on with his life and leave dispatchers alone from now on.