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    'Dead' Man in Body Bag Discovered to Be Alive

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    A man who had been tucked inside a body bag, was found to be very much alive.

    In one recent case, a man who had been tucked inside of a body bag, was found to be very much alive.

    "I asked the coroner what happened. He said maybe because it's a miracle." [WAPT]
    "I stood there watched them put him in a body bag and zipped it up." [WAPT]

    The bizarre discovery took place at the Porter and Sons Funeral Home in Lexington, Mississippi.

    The local coroner checked Williams' pulse at approximately 9 pm on a Wednesday. He was then pronounced dead at his home.

    Williams’ body was taken to the funeral home. As staff prepared to embalm him, they noticed the body bag moving.

    "The mortician said that something wasn't right. His legs started moving." [KPHO]
    "The family was told to go straight to the hospital. The father and brother they thought was dead was back to life." [KPHO]

    The relatives are thrilled and appropriately described him as a ‘fighter’. As for Williams, he’s just happy to be alive.

    The belief is that Williams’ pacemaker stopped working and then started back up again, which led to the coroner’s initial ruling of him being dead.