Marshall Islanders commemorate 60 years since Bikini Atoll H-bomb


by PressTV

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On March first each year, residents of the Marshall Islands mark the anniversary of a devastating US hydrogen bomb test on the Bikini islands.

People who remember the terrifying blast and younger generations gather in the Marshall Islands capital Majuro to commemorate the incident. Many exiles still refuse to go back to the zones that were contaminated some sixty years ago. The worst incident happened on March first, 1954, when a 15-megaton hydrogen bomb was tested on Bikini Island, the largest in the Bikini Atoll. The H-bomb exploded in the Castle Bravo test was a thousand times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It exposed thousands of people in the surrounding area to radioactive fallout, and made the rest of the Bikini Atoll uninhabitable.