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    Worst Oscar Performances: Christian Bale


    by askmen

    Bale's cultivated a reputation as an actor with a remarkable intensity that manifests itself on camera and off. As the lead of a power ensemble in this year's American Hustle, Bale once again employed one of his trademark physical transformations into a balding, overweight con man who manages to seduce Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence while staying one step ahead of a corrupt FBI agent.

    This a far cry from where Bale started out in the mid-'80s, when he was busting a move as the least prominent member of a dance troupe brought together to hock Pac-Man cereal featuring Ms. Pac Man marshmallows. Fortunately for the young actor, Steven Spielberg would rescue him from a career in the breakfast-selling arts with a breakout role as Jim Graham in Empire of the Sun.