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    NEWS SMACK: February 18

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    Slow news day it is not! Here's what's happening on February 18, 2014...

    A policeman was killed and dozens were injured in clashes in Bangkok.

    Firefighters in China catch a woman who tried to kill herself.

    Italian marines accused of killing a fisherman go to trial in India.

    The baby panda in Taipei is still cute!

    The parents of an Australian journalist held in Egypt want him out!

    Folks are still marching in Ukraine.

    A Chinese ship is helping to deliver chemical weapons to Syria.

    Malala is meeting Syrian refugees at the crossing in Jordan.

    Prince Charles is in Saudi Arabia.

    Brazilian are getting kids get ready for Carnival.

    Libyans celebrate the one year anniversary of the fall of Gaddafi.

    Violence at an Australian detention center in Papua New Guinea leaves one asylum seeker dead.

    Some Americans play golf in the snow.

    Dozens die in blasts in Baghdad.

    French politicians go to the Central African Republic

    Bill Clinton goes to Haiti.

    John Kerry goes to Abu Dhabi.

    A dog disrupts a soccer game in Argentina.

    Jimmy Fallon takes over the Tonight Show.

    The 'snake salvation' pastor dies from a bite.

    It's London Fashion week again.

    The Queen of England has thrown a party for movie stars.

    A gay rights activist has been detained in Sochi.

    East Timor sends its first athletes to the Winter Olympics.

    The parents of American silver medal skier Andrew Weibrecht is awfully proud of him.

    Pele is still alive and wants everyone to go to the World Cup in Brazil.

    Venezuelan security forces raid the headquarters of an opposition party.

    Spanish authorities fire rubber bullets at swimming migrants.

    Ten people die in a South Korean building collapse.

    A trial begins in Bolivia in the case of two French tourists who went missing.

    A pile of illegal miners emerge from a disused mine in South Africa.

    Venezuela throws out three U.S. diplomats.

    Archaeologists find a dog burial site under Mexico City!


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