Google Glass assault: Tech writer Sarah Slocum accosted up in bar for wearing high-tech eyewear



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These days it seems tech giant Google is determined to make everything in life easier for us, including getting beaten up and robbed.

This alleged incident happened in Molotov's bar on Haight Street in San Fran last Friday night.

Tech writer Sarah Slocum was excitedly showing off her Google Glass to a friend when she attracted the attention of some fellow patrons, who may or may not have been drunk.

The pissed patrons reportedly accused Slocum of filming them without their permission before verbally abusing her. She also claims wet bar rags were thrown at her.

Slocum she says that a male customer ripped off her Google Glass and ran outside the bar.

She followed him outside and a confrontation ensued during which he threatened to smash the high-tech glasses.

A scuffle then ensued between Slocum's friend and the guy, during which she managed to get her Glass back.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about her phone and purse, which she claims were stolen during the confrontation.

Witnesses have suggested that Slocum herself was drunk and was flaunting the high-tech device in a bar where patrons 'don't take kindly to her sort'.

Or maybe she forgot to read Google Glass' advice page for wearers about how not to be creepy or act like a "Glasshole"?


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