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    Moore Theater death: New footage of Luis Rodriguez death at hands of police

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    New video footage has emerged of the final moments of an Oklahoma man whose family say was beaten to death by police.

    The video shows Luis Rodriguez being restrained by five law enforcement officers on the car park of the Warren Theaters in Moore, Oklahoma, on the night of Friday, February 14.

    Warren Theaters in Moore, Oklahoma, was the scene of a tragic incident on Friday February 14, when father Luiz Rodriguez was allegedly beaten to death by five police officers in front of his family.

    According to his family, they were leaving the theater around midnight on Friday when mother Nair Rodriguez and her daughter Lunahi got into an argument. Nair slapped Lunahi and stormed off.

    Luiz ran after his wife when he was confronted by police officers who asked him for identification.

    Fearing his wife was about to drive off, Rodriguez tried to push past the cops when, according to his family, "they took him down and things escalated."

    Lunahi says that five cops then ruthlessly beat her father to death, describing repeated blows to his head, right in front of her.

    The distressed daughter then told a local TV station how she watched her dying father's as he was being carried away for the last time.

    Moore Police Department has spoken in support of its officers, but has said that three officers have been put on paid administrative leave while an investigation into the 'in-custody' death is carried out.


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