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    Takfiri ideology endangers Islam


    by PressTV


    The recent rise of Takfiri groups has caused an outrage in the Muslim world.

    This has also forced Muslim clerics, both Sunni and Shia, to lead a strong campaign and speak out against the Takfiri ideology.

    The Cleric Association of the Levant has held a conference entitled, The forgiveness of Islam versus the sedition of Takfiri ideology, bringing together a great number of Islamic scholars and thinkers who have all stressed that Islam is the religion of dialogue.

    The Mufti of Syria Sheikh Ahmad Hassoun has said that the Takfiri project has distorted the image of Islam throughout history.

    He also argues that what is being targeted today is real jihad or holy fighting against the true oppressors, mainly Israel, which continues with its aggressive policies against Palestinians.

    Sheikh Naeem Kassem, deputy secretary general of Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah, says the Takfiri groups actually benefit the Israeli regime, since they create sedition and internal fighting in regional countries.

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