9/11 WTC Controlled Demolition Evidence

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Clip from 9/11 Mysteries: Compare and contrast what buildings look like when they collapse because a few joints weaken and break (which is the U.S. government's explanation for the WTC collapse) vs. what buildings look like when they are taken down with explosives in controlled demolitions.


i explain the towers collapses on my you tube channel loosechangeexposed, the title of the video that can be found in my uploads is "how the towers fell" i explain how it was the planes that took down the towers and why planted anything was just not possible.
By 911trutherdebunker last year
something amazing im 52 and currently live in british columbia canada in this video near the beginning you show clips of controlled demos. well the amazing part is one of the clips show a hospital on a hill overlooking a bay i was born there and had never seen any pictures or vids of this event. though the subject matter concerning wtc and 911 is extremeley disturbing. i was amazed to see a vid on a site i had,nt visited be for containg this particular footage
By dm_51096d84d4aa6 last year
It is painfully obvious that 911 was not the work of 19 guys with knives and a caveman.
By Eon101 7 years ago