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    This Lamp Grows Edible Mushrooms

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    MYX is the brainchild of designer, Jonas Edvard. These are lampshades that grow edible mushrooms.

    Besides some design changes, the fundamental idea of a lamp remains relatively unchanged.

    One new project aims to change that. Called MYX, the product is the brainchild of designer, Jonas Edvard.

    The fixtures are basically lampshades that grow edible mushrooms. The process behind the not-so-typical shades is certainly innovative.

    They’re constructed of plant fiber and mushroom-mycelium. The plant fiber is essentially a natural waste product, leftover from the rope and textile industry.

    Derived out of 100% cellulose, it serves as the perfect base for mushrooms to live on and thrive. The lamp is grown into a shade over a time period between two and three weeks.

    The mushroom mycelium assists the plant fibers in the growing procedure which requires medium heat, low light and high moisture. The mycelium acts as a sort of glue between the fibers, as it stabilizes the construction. The end result is a soft livable textile.

    After the production period is over, the shades can harvest healthy Oyster mushrooms. The mushrooms can soon be plucked from the top and eaten.

    The dried shade is then able to be hung as a perfectly safe and biodegradable light fixture.