World's First Donkey Beekeeper

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Manuel Juraci, who works as a beekeeper, takes his donkey named Boneco along during all of his travels.

Man’s best friend is a donkey? It certainly is for Brazilian beekeeper, Manuel Juraci, who takes his donkey named Boneco along during his work travels.

When the pals are out and about, they both wear protective garments to keep from getting stung. Juraci has some serious competition in his small town of Itatira.

There are approximately 120 other beekeepers in the area. Because farming is extremely difficult due to the dry climate, many residents have shifted into the world of honey production to make a living.

Juraci and Boneco seem to be the biggest breadwinners though. The fact that the pair garners quite a bit of attention may play a small role in their success, but it’s the added man power, or more precisely donkey power, that means more honey can be hauled to market and sold.

The belief is that Boneco is the world's only beekeeping donkey. The unique duo was recognized by the Association of Honey Producers.

Authorities with the organization praised Juraci for protecting his donkey against stings with a body and head covering suit. Juraci, who also specializes in inventions, created the suit with his own two hands.

The Association of Honey Producers is hoping Juraci will consider making garments for their animals as well.