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    Movies Based On Real Life: Good Morning Vietnam


    by askmen

    One of Robin Williams' most famous catch-phrases is of course "Good Morning, Vietnam" which also is the name of the 1987 movie that netted the actor his first Oscar nomination. The film centered on Adrian Cronauer, an unorthodox DJ who became known for his work on US Armed Services Radio in Vietnam.

    The film was actually Cronauer's idea and once Williams got involved the project was fast-tracked and the rest is history. Well, sort of. While Cronauer was a DJ and "Good Morning, Vietnam" was his signature sign-on, he wasn't as much of a rebel as the film made him out to be. In fact, most of the movie was changed to appease studio executives who didn't think Cronauer's experiences were that exciting.

    Yet in the end "Vietnam" became one of Williams's most well-known roles and one of the first to show his range as an actor. The plot may not have been fully accurate, but at least the initial premise is (somewhat) rooted in reality.