Power-Downs in the WTC right before 9/11

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Clip from 9/11 Mysteries: This video highlights the financial and environmental consequences of the controlled demolition that brought down the World Trade Center towers. Also: What did the president's brother, Marvin Bush, have to do with security for the World Trade Center Complex and Dulles International Airport on 9/11? Why were there so many power-downs and evacuations in the WTC just prior to 9/11?


quit talking crap, quit believing crap.
By allthewine- 6 years ago
Conspiracy theorist losers: get a effen life!
By hpboattail 6 years ago
Yes, but I found a very scary video [see: "911 conspiracy very scary!" video] which proves that interests were beyond of the problems that the WTC buildings may had.
By jgmc987 6 years ago