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    Shadow the Hedgehog "I am all of me"

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    von Simon

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    this is awsome
    Von shadowthehedgehog8105Vor 5 Jahren
    ton texte a quelque faute
    Von kyuuketsukiVor 7 Jahren
    I see no, hear no evil,
    black writing on the wall,
    unleash one million faces,
    and one by one they fall!
    Black hearted evil,
    brave hearted hero,
    I am all, I am all I am

    (I, I, I)

    I am!

    Here we go buddy, here we go buddy, here we go, here we go buddy,
    here we go!

    Go ahead and try to see through me,
    do it if you care
    one step forward,
    two steps back,
    I'm gonna step forward,
    (Two steps back)

    Do it, do it, do it, do it!

    Can you see all of me?
    Walk into my mysteries?
    Step inside and hold on for delight,
    Do you remember me?
    Capture you or set you free?
    I am all, I am all of me!(X4)

    (Here we go...)

    suite sur
    Von AsridianeVor 7 Jahren
    SUPER !!
    Von AsridianeVor 8 Jahren
    Il y a 200 ans une petite fille a tué une mouche!!!
    Maintenant que tu as lu cela,envoie ce message a 3 personne,sinon,le fantôme de la mouche va venir te casser les couilles cette nuit!
    Von shadowsigmaVor 8 Jahren
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