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    Lil Webbie - Give me that ft Bun B


    by jekyllah

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    yeap, that shit is hip hop too
    (Oh) Girl give me that

    (Oh Oh Oh) Girl give me that
    Girl give me that (pussy) x3

    [Lil Webbie]
    u know u want it
    Girl don't act like u don't want it
    Girl I want it just as bad as u do
    And look see I can tell from this lil vibe
    u got me feelin that u dig me
    Boo Im diggin u too
    u wanna be one of the chosen few
    Then gon jig up in this motherfucker
    Maybe me and u can do it big up in this motherfucker
    Sit u in a crib where u can chill
    Don't have to move a muscle
    Give u some be good now u be good
    Daddy gon hustle
    Come here let me Whisper in ur ear
    I gotta tell u somethin
    Listenin to this song kinda make a nigga want sumthin
    Did some daydreamin
    Now I'm fiendin like I'm on sumthin
    Girl don't hold it from me
    Cos right now I'll be don strong on ya
    I ain't the type to ruin ur life
    By runnin game and throwin ur dreams
    Get in ur brain suit ur game
    Ease ur pain and show u thins
    Sit u on some leather seats while blowin green
    And switchin lanes
    Girl stop playin games let me beat it out the frame

    [Chorus - 4X]
    Girl give me that pussy
    Girl give me that
    Girl give me girl give me that there

    [Bun B (UGK)]
    She 5 foot 7 a hundred and thirty nine pounds
    Thirty six twenty four thirty eight pretty fine brown
    Bad lil broad I aint seen her in a minute
    Since the All-Star game and I'm still tryin to hit it
    Got a baby for this nigga that I used to sell thins
    He caught a fed case and he aint leave her no change
    She sold all his jewels she sold all his cars
    Now she dancin in the shaker club strippin for the stars
    Slidin down the pole slow drop it to a split
    Pussy poppin on a handstand man she the shit
    She still lookin tight though
    Still built right though
    Run my game right and after the club
    She might go back to the telly wit me
    Shake her jelly wit me
    Let my people bust on her face and her belly wit me
    I got Lil Webbie wit me and he ain't hatin
    We some players in this bitch so baby stop hesitatin