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    The Happiest Monster


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    MOUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA Tros marrant * se prend la porte *
    Par Japan_MagniakkIl y a 7 ans
    Short of the Week
    Confronted by a giant monster, a young lady’s fear is turned to delight with a lick of the monster’s giant tongue. But can this new friendship last? This lo-fi work was director Jonathan Kim’s first-year film at Calarts. Featuring attractive anime styling (the monster looks remarkably similar to “Ta-Kun” from FLCL), the short’s sketch-like B&W charm is reminiscent of Hertzfeldt, as is it’s deliciously demented twist! Clocking in at 1min22sec, its definitely worth a viewing. Check out our new reviews every week at
    Par Short of the WeekIl y a 8 ans
    ah noon C trop violent jpeu pas >_
    Par TettoriIl y a 8 ans