Regent Club Orchestra - The Melody That Made You Mine


door kspm0220s

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This appears to be a pseudonym for Bob Haring, who was an American popular music bandleader of the 1920s and 1930s. Haring recorded 78rpm records under a plethora of orchestra names, such as The Caroliners, The Lincoln Dance Orchestra, The Society Night Club Orchestra, King Solomon and His Miners, and The Colonial Club Orchestra, in addition to his own Bob Haring & His Velvetone Orchestra. Haring's discography is difficult to trace, since many of the sides he performed on do not actually list his name. However, several dozen sessions on which Haring led or arranged an orchestra have been catalogued by discographers, mostly falling between 1920 and 1931. His recordings with The Colonial Club Orchestra were his most popular. This delicate performance was recorded in 1925.

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Thank you nzauckland... this is beautifully delicate waltz indeed; so glad you loved it!
Door kspm0220s Vorig jaar
Lovely waltz by Haring,thanks.
Door nzauckland Vorig jaar
test hoping my comment won't get lost once more!
Door kspm0220s Vorig jaar
Thank you Ginny! I'm happy you enjoyed this delicate rendition.
Door kspm0220s Vorig jaar
Thank you Lou for commenting even if the first comment disappeared. Mine also vanished after barely 5 minutes. When the heck are they fixing this bug?
Door kspm0220s Vorig jaar
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