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    Classic Game Room - EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 2025 review


    by ClassicGameRoom

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    Corey Belles
    FYI: It is the PS3 version. I traded it in for the Xbox 360 version. Way smoother and smaller load times.
    By Corey BellesLast year
    2017's last level was almost unplayable due to the frame rate loss. I'm not seeing it NEARLY that bad on this version.
    By ShingoEX2 years ago
    Toho Central
    The mission was not a failure! :p Graphics aren't everything and I think Sandlot pushed the game engine's limits too much on this one. 2017 was faster and smoother. 2025 has more classes and is a more compacted game, but it doesn't play very well. I can imagine this will become boring to some in 6 months. 2017 has never bored me at all.
    By Toho Central2 years ago
    Been waiting for your review of this.
    By a3HeadedMonkey2 years ago
    Aaron Savadge
    I haven't really had any extremely bad slowdown on 360. It's there but not unmanageable. That was the platform it was designed for so it's probably the better choice.
    By Aaron Savadge2 years ago