Spiritual Reality - Pt8

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Spiritual Reality-Journey Within is the Ultimate Meditation Video.

Spiritual Reality-Journey Withintransforms your life with greater Understandings. Spiritual Reality-Journey Within shows the way to be Blissful at all times and situations.
Spiritual Reality-Journey Within explains with world class animations, visuals with enchanting Music the Science of Meditation, Meditation Technique and the Meditation Experiences one experiences in Meditation with total clarity. The knowledge you obtain by seeing, understanding the Spiritual Reality-Journey Within is the Ultimate Knowledge.
Spiritual Reality-Journey Within is the Knowledge Bank.
Spiritual Reality-Journey Within is the outcome of decades of personal Spiritual Experiences and Spiritual Research in other frequency realities by Pratap Reddy, SPACE.
Spiritual Reality-Journey Within shows the way to be Blissful at all times and situations

Spiritual Reality-Journey Within is a clear visual explanation of MEDITATION and MEDITATIONAL EXPERIENCES with world-class animations in the form of DVD and VCD.
It is for the first time the Spiritual Truths have been given a stunning visual form through cutting edge technology.
Spiritual Reality-Journey Within explains about the means to obtain Perfect Health, Memory Power, Good Interpersonal Relationships, Happiness and Bliss.
Spiritual Reality-Journey Within explains the process of Meditation and highest Meditation Experiences like Third Eye, Astral Travel, Nirvana, Knowledge of Spirit, and Knowledge of Life after Life and the state of Enlightenment.


that is actually what happens when you die, if you have feelings harbored, and can't find ways to let go of earthly matters you will be forever bounded to this earth, in your own hellish nightmare. But their is hope for lost souls, there are people in your own "soul group" that can help you. And there are other astral beings that can aid, only if the soul lets it, and lets go of it's earthly grievances. But anyways thank you for posting this video and the visuals were very cool.
By Blackomicron 5 years ago
It depends on you,you will decide if spirits and reencarnation exist or not. Your reencarnation is ended in every moment and starting.
The conclusion.. Forget about these spiritual staffs and concentrate on your life. In reality,the life is very simple.
Relax and stay comfortable.
By otakasama 7 years ago
waw !! vraiment une merveille!!
By Josiane Josiane Geuns 7 years ago
let's meditate and experience !
By Brahmananda 7 years ago
some truths & beautiful images
but how can the self have a structure?

and when would u say foetus gets life?

what matters is to desidentify
By noe peyre 7 years ago
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