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    Undies on show at Paris Fashion Week

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Etam have shown their new collection of underwear at Paris Fashion week. Model Natalia Vodianova has designed her own line for the collection.

    She said it was inspired by a recent trip to Peru. “It’s very colourful with a lot of embroidery, very much like the native costumes of Peru. It’s about travel, its about the current trend of disco and jungle.”

    Laurent Milchior, the co-director of Etam said: “It’s an extremely competitive market and European economies are still somewhat depressed. So it’s the companies who invest in their products, in experience, in the brand, who will win. We still have a factory in the north of France employing 70 people and they produce garments with a real savoir faire. The factory is 50 years old and that’s really what makes the difference for our products, they’re very fashionable but also good quality and very well made.”