Fan-Made DBZ Title Theme

Ben Dover

by Ben Dover

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An old video I made a while back. I was a newcomer at making videos at the time. Currently, I have retired from video making at the moment.


WTF you got supended?!Okaywhat did u do?Just jokin
YT can be full of shit.
By StarDoctor 8 years ago
I have a new account on Youtube. It's the same name as the one on this site.
By Ben Dover 8 years ago
Dude sucks about your GF but u didn't have to leave YT
I respect you pal!
By StarDoctor 8 years ago
Nice Pic!
By StarDoctor 8 years ago
Your My friend on Both accounts!How did you get Rock The Dragon?BTW Get an image for your avatar.I'll tell you how.First go to change my Avatar:Then Pick one of your images!
By StarDoctor 8 years ago
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