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    9/11: Steven Jones Talks About Thermite


    by BadKitty

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    On voit parfaitement qu'il n y a plus le feu dans les tours donc le feu éteint n'a pu faire fondre le fer sans aide.
    By miaou105 years ago
    Ed Ward
    The 911 WTC "Traces of Tritium" Lie Is Obstruction of Justice by Accessories to Murder
    This is not 'rocket science', just basic math, law and lies.

    9. Over one year ago, Steven Jones, Alex Jones, Fetzer, Wood, most of the "BYU crew", most of the so called "911 Truth" groups/sites and indeed the public at large have been notified by me of the falseness of the "Traces" lie, but instead of promoting the truth and addressing it, have simply run from it and seem to be doing all in their power to suppress it.
    By Ed Ward7 years ago
    By nyumetsu9 years ago