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    Maa Inti Aadapaduchu Serial - Episode 271


    by teluguserials

    Maa Inti Aadapaduchu is the emotional journey of a sister and a brother whose bond is unbreakable. Chamanthi is the daughter of a drunkard who doesn't care for his family. One stormy night, her mother gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. Without any help from the father, Chamanthi's mother and her raise the boy. One day, the father makes an unforgivable deed by selling his son to a human trafficker. Refusing to let him take her son, Chamanthi's mother fights her husband till he kills her in a fit of rage. He escapes but the responsibility of raising her little brother falls on Chamanthi's shoulders. The story of Chamanthi and her brother's travails through life and all the events that take place is the main theme of the show.

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