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    Love Makes Life Beautiful - A Romantic Short Film

    Telugu Filmnagar

    by Telugu Filmnagar

    'Love Makes Life Beautiful' is a beautiful short film which revolves around a young and romantic couple.

    The movie starts with the protagonist, Avinash getting a call from his loved one, Ruchitha for a catch up. The naration takes the story to the time when they barely knew each other. As the film progresses, Ruchitha falls for Avinash. The rest of the film is about how they manage to keep up their promises and wait for their love.

    Cast and Crew:

    Starring Avinash Patel, Ruchitha Rao, Surya Kiran, Karthik Avanth and Ram Rockster

    Production Houses - Chiruvella Arts, Shutter Bugs, K.C.Events and Royal Eye

    Written & Directed by - Harish Chiruvella

    Cinematography - Prasanna Kumar

    Co-Cinematography - Noel Sudhir

    Art Department - Nihar and Ram Rockstar

    Script Assistants - Kalyana Rama Prayaga and Sastry Tangirala

    Music - RoOtZ band
    Lead Guitars/Composer :- Kala Nidhi Onukuri
    Drums - Sai Krishna
    Keyboard - Vinay Sasidhar
    Bass - Anoop Dinesh
    Mixing & Mastering - Enoch Jagan Sound
    Sound Mixing - Uday Paladugu

    Lyrics - Sastry Tangirala

    Singers / Vocals - Vidya Sirisha, Abdul Rahman

    Dubbing - Vidya Sirisha and Sastry Tangirala

    Additional Screenplay - Surya Srikanth

    Editing & Grading - Harish Chiruvella

    Costumes - 10DenC

    Direction Department - Kamesh GK. Karthik Avanth

    Graphic Designer - 'Suraj' Kumar

    Titles & Vfx - Chilamkuri Nagendra Chowdhary and Maram Manoj Reddy

    Production Executives - Prasanna Kumar and Sastry Tangirala

    Financial Supporter - Prince Prathap

    Financial Sponcers - Phaneendra Chiruvella, Kishore Chiruvella, Surya Srikanth and Charan Bandaru