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    CGR Undertow - ROAD RIOT 4WD review for Super Nintendo


    by CGRundertow

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    Road Riot 4WD review.
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    Road Riot 4WD review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Road Riot 4WD for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System developed by Equilibrium and published by THQ.

    Widely considered one of the worst Super Nintendo games ever released, Road Riot 4WD gives players dune buggies, weapons and headaches. The game features 11 racing tracks set in exotic locations, from Australia to Antarctica to Akron, Ohio. Each course has a “host” character, who appears before the race to stare at you. Like any good host. The game’s notorious framerate makes Road Riot 4WD very difficult to play, to say nothing of its stiff controls. The vehicles are mounted with guns, which can be used to blast the other racers. They’re the yellow ones, in case you were confused. Players can earn bonus points for crashing into objects, and that’s fortunate, because you’re going to crash a lot. Road Riot 4WD features single and local multiplayer play.

    This video review features video gameplay footage of Road Riot 4WD for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.