'We're always being cheated' - voices of Maidan

euronews (in English)
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Although Ukraine’s former President Victor Yanukovych has fled and a new government is set to be formed by the end of the week – many protesters are still gathered in and around Independence Square (Maidan).

Euronews correspondent Maria Korenyuk reported: “The central streets of Kyiv remain filled with many people. Even those who did not participate in the protests come here to pay their respects to those who died. They bring flowers or give money to the families of those killed and injured at Maidan.”

“And there are of course the people who’ve been fighting for their rights for the last three months. They’re not hurrying back home or rushing to dismantle the barricades. They stay, as before,” Korenyuk continued.

One women told euronews she was still out in the streets because “we’re always being cheated”. She added, “I support the young people, but I don’t like politics any more.”

Some demonstrators are planning to keep up the protest until elections are held. An emergency preside