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    Jamie Lynn Spears on her country offering and advice from big sister Britney

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    She may have the famous last name, but Jamie Lynn Spears wants to start her own musical career as a country singer.

    After taking a break from TV acting following her pregnancy, Britney’s younger sister is launching her new video clip and single ‘How Could I Want More?’.

    Spears says it was her father who drew her to country music: “My whole family all had a different taste. My mom loved like Elton John. I remember being little and I can just remember hearing that. My sister was of course into the pop stuff. She loved TLC and all those kinds of things. And my dad, though, he was the one who was in love with country music. So I think that was something that was really a big part of our relationship and it has a big effect on my music. So I kind of had a little bit of everything, but my country influence comes from my daddy.”

    About her relationship with sister Britney, she says: “I think, as we all know, the music business is the music business. I do think that any sister would ask her sister for advice. It doesn’t matter what your job is. So I think just in life in general, I just call her up if there’s anything that I need advice on. It’s just a sister thing. It’s not really anything about the job. But it is nice having someone who’s obviously been very successful and been through it all be able to tell you little secrets here and there.”

    Released to iTunes without a record label, Jamie Lynn Spears’ debut single ‘How Could I Want More?’ has been warmly received with one country music critic calling her one of the most exciting things to come in 2014.