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    Lachha Paratha - Indian Flat Bread Recipe By Ruchi Bharani [HD]


    by RajshriFood

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    1.5 cups wheat flour
    3 tbsp yogurt
    1/4 tsp baking powder
    1 tbsp ghee
    Lukewarm water

    - Take wheat flour in a bowl, add yogurt, baking powder to it and keep it aside for a minute
    - Add salt, ghee to it and start mixing by adding lukewarm water
    - Knead to make a soft dough and let it rest for 15 - 20 mins
    - Divide the dough in 3 parts making it enough to make big balls out of it
    - Roll the dough in dry wheat flour and roll it to make a big roti
    - Apply ghee on roti and sprinkle wheat flour on it
    - Fan fold the roti and roll it
    - Dip the folded roti in the dry flour again and roll it again
    - Place the paratha on a pre heated pan and roast both sides slightly.
    - Brush ghee on both the sides of the paratha and cook it
    - Take off the flame once cooked serve hot.