Art Exhibit in Sahara Desert Depicts Passage of Time

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The Sahara Desert features something made by humans that is certainly stunning.

D.A.ST. – no hints, best guess, pro as letters

A part of the eastern Sahara Desert offers a different kind of view.

It features something made by humans that is certainly stunning. An intricate land art installation was dug into the sands.

The outdoor artwork is called Desert Breath. It’s located close to the Red Sea in Egypt.

In 1997, the D.A.ST. Arteam completed the work on the exhibit. Desert Breath is still in existence today and can be seen through Google Earth and in person.

Given that Desert Breath is vulnerable to the harsh environment, it is slowly disintegrating. And that's fine because the purpose of the display is to depict the passage of time.

The exhibit encompasses an area of about 1 million square feet. Approximately 280,000 cubic feet of sand had to be displaced to create the circular depressions and cones, as well as the large circular pool of water, which serves as the centerpiece of the artwork.

One of the team members involved in the display stated “The project is rooted in our common desire to work in the desert. In our mind’s eye the desert was a place where one experiences infinity. We were addressing the desert as a state of mind, a landscape of the mind.”