Not Ready To Make Nice (clip)


par zero46

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Delete previous 6 "comments" and , eventually, enter that this song and interpretation is beyond appreciation...; it's just Great and to-the-point !!
Par Pierre ( P., G.) Maes Il y a 5 ans
These are my SKs
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 6 ans
Its nothing, No KFC, We love women, let em mature from chics to hens, so they can raise the kids. Don't worry about critics, most people are disconnected from their spirit, so u cant be made, Lyse because if your mad with the black sunglasses imagine how that would make me feel
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 6 ans
Now whats more important a Man's Vanity or some silly Pennies
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 6 ans
I resurrect the Queen of Mean, and tell her dont worry about the taxes I payed that lost, Taxation without Representation, well not for the Hispanics? How much sense does that make, Call Me the Prince Of Mean, WIth a RudeGateway, My Dell broke what the hell, Relax, Breathe, its not YOGA, its who, OKay. I got venom, Call Me Deceptacon Cobra Commando Jefe, Grande Patron behind the Cola, Keep ya poster, I dont stab dudes in the back, Im cutting ya head off, cuz I got stabbed in the back and it made its way to my face
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 6 ans
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