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    Protect Our Oceans, Save Our Future: Captain Paul Watson Talks Conservation


    by IBTimes


    Captain Paul Watson founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 1977 and has dedicated his life to protecting the oceans of the world. From conservation, education, and protection it is his mission to protect the animals that call our oceans home. He is giving a voice to 20,000 dolphins and whales that are killed annually in Japan.

    In his years at the helm of the non-profit organization Watson has made it his mission to protect the waters and has made impressive progress. He even told me that one day he sees it ending, but first the respective Governments must recognize the slaughter as ‘inhumane’.

    Brutality doesn’t even seem fitting for the type of things Watson has seen in his work over the years, from seals being skinned alive to men killing dolphins. He has had to acquire a thick skin to protect him from what he has seen. It is this sort of fear of knowing that so many of us choose to ignore. Like an ostrich with its head in the sand so many of us don’t want to see what it is that is happening in our oceans.

    The media has played a huge role is raising awareness to these issues like poaching and the huge amounts of plastic in the ocean that threaten the animals. Slowly, the world is becoming aware of what is going on, as we pull our heads out of the sand.

     Watson spoke to IBTimesTV about these challenges and his hopes for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.