8 Crazy Facts You Won't Learn In History Class

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It's time we told you about spy cats.


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By Teemo11 November
It wasn't "mysterious forces", it was ergot poisoning, a fungus that infects rye plants. When the town baker got a shipment of infected flour, the whole town went for a ride!
By Keith Burton August
I knew about the spy cats and never understood why they didn't give the cat as a gift to the person they wanted to spy on. They spent millions and it went SPLAT before it could do any good. Good Old Government Thinking. :-P
I agree Beechgirl, this is the third one Ive tried to watch and read and can't....so this will be my last time on this site.......really annoying.
By Yvail Fox last year
This comment applies to all BuzzFeed videos. Why does BuzzFeed put that window in the bottom left corner of all their videos, trying to get viewers to become followers? It BLOCKS the captions on the videos!!! I would like to see the history facts, but can't because of this.
By beechiegirl1953 last year
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