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    Flappy Bird Game for Free Download iPhone | Android | iPad

    Download Flappy Bird Game

    Flappy Bird Free Download - iPhone | Android | iPad
    Flappy Bird Free Download - iPhone | Android | iPad
    Flappy Bird Free Download - iPhone | Android | iPad

    Flappy Bird is the biggest game to come out this year! Millions of people around the world have already downloaded it and they're having so much fun! The game was recently removed from all major app stores but we managed to find a cheat / exploit to get it to you on your mobile device for free! All it takes is 5 minutes of your time and you can get your hands on the game everyone is talking about!

    Flappy Bird is an endless running game where players get to control a bird by tapping on the screen. Tapping will cause your bird to fly up, and not doing anything will make him fly down. Players must navigate through pipes that have gaps in them while keeping flight in control. Touching any area of the pipe as well as falling on the pipe will end the round and the main focus of the game is to pass through as may pipes as possible, which would determine your score.

    Get Flappy Bird Game For Free

    How to Download and Install Flappy Bird Game For FREE:
    1 - Select your Platform and click on "Download Now" button for Apple iOS or Android.
    Download for iOS Apple:
    Download for Android:
    2 - Extract the archive and read the full information provided in the .txt file.
    3 - Copy the files in the game’s folder by using the phone’s default data transfer cable.
    4 - Once you have completed the above step, the game will be activated. You may now open Flappy Bird and begin playing.

    That’s it! Enjoy using our Flappy Bird Game for FREE.
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