International law not in the interest of all nations


by PressTV

High ranking international lawyers from around the globe discuss various subjects including justice in United Nations Security Council Decision and weaknesses of International Criminal Court, ICC.

A judge at International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia, ICTY was also in Tehran. She talked about International Criminal Court, ICC. She stated that investigation is the main weakness of ICC. She added.

An international lawyer from Kuwait university says that Islamic countries do not need to recognize ICC if they ratify laws and regulations about matters such as genocide that ICC is established to adjudicate.
Italian professor was impressed by Iran’s role in international law and its involvement.

The five permanent members of United Nations Security Council, United States, Russia, China, Britain and France are the only nations with veto power. They can block any resolution that is not in their interest. International Criminal Court, ICC was created by Rome Statute which came into force on 2002. There are 122 member states, not including the United States, Russia and Iran. ICC has received complaints about alleged crimes in at least 130 countries but it only has eight open investigations in Africa.