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    National Museum of Iran


    by PressTV

    This edition of Iran covers: 1) National Museum of Iran 2) Maranjab Desert 3) Painter Alireza Asanloo 4) Ice Skating in Iran

    National Museum of Iran is one of the most distinguished museums in the world. It is the biggest archeological museum in Iran and therefore called Iran’s Mother Museum. 300,000 pieces of Iran’s precious artifacts are displayed there. One visit to the National Museum of Iran will give you an insight into our history of thousands of years. Reza Nayebi will tell you more.

    Maranjab Desert in Isfahan has an incredible diverse ecosystem which today is a popular tourist resort. Great sand dunes and beautiful landscapes are among the attracting nature of Maranjab Desert. Shahriar Azimi takes us to this outstanding and unique region of Iran.

    In the third episode, Hoda Lezgee introduces Alireza Asanloo who is a 39 year-old artist that has dedicated 15 years of his life painting portraits. His portraits are somehow beyond physical likeness as he tries to capture the spirit and the presence of his models, showing a part of models’ inner life on the canvas and displaying the depth of his character.

    In the last feature, Pedram Khodadadi reports on Ice Skating in Iran which although is a new one after 35 years, but has lots of fans. We go to Aramis Ice-Skating Sport Center to find out more about this sport.