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    UK government failure to handle flood


    by PressTV

    In this edition of the show: Torrential rain has led to the deaths of several people in recent weeks and flooded thousands of homes in UK, many of which have suffered the same misfortune at regular intervals over the last few years.

    While UK government admits failings over flood response, some point finger at wrong long-term policies by the recent consecutive governments.

    Internal affairs: One third of the British public believe the weekly parliamentary grilling of the UK premier David Cameron, known as Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs), is putting voters off politics.

    In the research, conducted by the Hansard Society think tank, some 33 percent of Britons said they were turned off politics by watching PMQs.

    According to a recent Guardian/ICM poll, anger and fury at high-level political figures for failing to keep vows, is the leading cause of a drop in public political engagement in the UK.