Ukraine Protest 2014: Deadly clashes end 'truce'

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Fierce fighting broke out in Kiev on Thursday, making it the bloodiest day so far in the three month-long anti-government protests in Ukraine as more than 100 protesters were killed by pro-government forces.

The truce declared by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych lasted only a few hours while the Putin-backed leader met European officials demanding that he compromise with Ukraine's pro-EU opponents.

EU officials have decided to impose sanctions against those responsible for the violence following an emergency meeting. Italian foreign minister Emma Bonino said that Brussels will implement the sanctions, freezing accounts and travel bans, soon.

Protesters and Ukrainian riot police continued to fight into the night in Kiev. Protesters threw rocks and firebombs at lines of riot police after government snipers shot at crowds of protesters.
Ukrainian television footage showed scenes of protesters being gunned down and others lying in the streets as fellow protesters came to their rescue by pulling them to safety, carrying them on planks of wood.

Brave protesters, some with guns, many more with only makeshift shields, rocks and Molotov cocktails were able to retake Maidan Square. The Ukraine interior ministry said that 67 police were captured by protesters. Ukrainian television aired video footage of captured police around a protest camp in central Kiev.

Will the protest cause Ukraine to be ripped into two separate nations? A pro-EU west and a pro-Russian east? How long can the EU and the United States pretend that sanctions will work as more Ukrainians die? Will the protesters prevail?


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