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    SAP Warehouse Management COURSE CONTENT

    Warehouse Structure

    Warehouse Number
    Storage Type
    Storage Section
    Picking Area
    Storage Bin
    Staging Area

    Basic Functions

    Number Ranges
    Foreground/Background Processing
    Bar Code Use
    Authorization Checks
    Archiving and Reorganization
    Warehouse Controlling
    Function Modules and Customer Exits in WMS
    WM in the SAP Retail System

    Planning and Monitoring

    Rough Workload Estimate
    Wave Picks
    Warehouse Activity Monitor

    Basic Stock Management

    Material Master Data
    The Quant and Stock Management in WM
    Types of Stock
    Stock Category
    Units of Measure
    Batch Management
    Shelf Life Expiration Date
    Storing Materials in the Warehouse

    Hazardous Materials Management

    Hazardous Material Records
    Hazardous Material Evaluation Reports

    Warehouse Movements

    Movement Types in WM
    Transfer Requirement
    Transfer Order
    Handling Differences
    Storage of Pre-Picked Handling Units

    Goods Receipt

    Goods Receipt Handling with Reference to Inbound Delivery
    Goods Receipt Handling Without Reference to Inbound Delivery
    Goods Receipt Without Previous Goods
    Receipt Posting in IM
    Adding Goods to Existing Stock
    Goods Receipt for Inspection
    Processing Pre-allocated Stock
    Putaway Using Storage Unit Type

    Goods Issue

    Stock Removal
    Goods Issue Processing with Reference to Outbound Delivery
    Goods Issue Processing Without Reference to Outbound Delivery
    Manual Creation of Transfer Orders for Picking
    Multiple Processing
    Transfer Order for Multiple Outbound
    Two-step Picking
    Stock Determination

    Stock Transfer and Replenishment

    Plant/Storage Location to Plant/Storage Location
    Internal Stock Transfers
    Replenishment for Fixed Storage Bins
    Creating a Replenishment TO During TO Confirmation

    Posting Changes

    Putaway and Picking Strategies
    Storage Unit Management
    Value Added Services

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