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    Meet Alleged Lead 9/11 Hijacker Atta


    by BadKitty

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    We were told that the ringleader of the 9/11 hijackers, Mohamed Atta, was a "devout Muslim" who was driven to kill himself and 3,000 Americans because of his "religious ferver" and "a hatred of America's freedoms." However, in reality, this "devout Muslim" lived with a white American girlfriend named Amanda Keller in Florida, had a massive and endless supply of cocaine, liked booze and strip clubs, and had no job but was getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from somewhere. In this David Hopsicker interview with Ms. Keller, she describes him as he was, and surprise surprise, he's nothing like the "devout religious fanatic" the Bush Administration waved in front of the American people. Here's an article about it: