Best of spearfishing in Hawaii with a shark attack

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best spearfishing ateam365
Just of group of friends spearfishing on the island of Oahu. Follow the team on instagram @ateam365 @ateam365 @ateam365. all footage shot with Go Pro Hero 2 and Go Pro Hero 3. also follow @teamwhitewash @pestana_boy @talbzworld @808tex @eboypantil @kai_canionero @beachbraddah @mkgarcia02 @onibryant. specail mahalo to @samkapoi and @supersolz and shoutouts to the positive IG braddaz and Sisters. In loving memory of Iokepa Frank Keliikuli, this is dedicated to you my friend. We Love You Kepa! Corinthians 13.

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