Classic Game Room - PHILIPS CD-i console review

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Philips CD-i game system review.
Classic Game Room reviews the Philips CD-i CDi450 video game console from 1991! The Philips Compact Disc Interactive was released at the dawn of the optical media era and predates the PlayStation, Panasonic 3DO and Sega CD. There's several interesting games, including a Zelda and Mario game, as well as numerous interactive media CDs and music performances.


I bought one when it was first released. I loved it tbh. I even bought the digital video cartridge. I found it new in a shop for £1! I liked Chaos Control, Burn:Cycle and Dragons Lair.
By PAAppleyard February
This is why you don't want nintendo to go 3rd party XDD
By PokemonOnline February
Wow, great that CGR did this video! I'm actually trying to sell a CD-i 220/37 version (basically the most desirable one) with Digital Video Cartridge, roller-style controller mouse, and more than 20 titles. Shoot me a message if you're interested. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This is in restored / refurbished condition. Let me know if you're interested. Buyer pays shipping and understands that older CD-based systems are fragile and might need a fine-tune after arrival.
By Yury V B February
I don't want one of these? I beg to differ sir, I've never wanted anything more. This thing looks awesome! I barely remember when these came out, but it was so out of reach no one gave it a second thought. $1200 in 1991 is a lot more money than $1200 is today.
By remingtonh February
Phantom of the Opera? The CD-i gets more respect. But only barely.
By Meowskivich February
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