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    Tymoshenko's daughter hails 'victorious day' in Ukraine

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Euronews was present at the emergency session of Parliament and got the first reactions from an overjoyed Yevgenia Tymoshenko after lawmakers voted to speed her mother’s release without requiring the president’s signature.

    She said: “I’m very grateful to all who have been at Independence Square, who fought for freedom, for our country, for political prisoners as well as for my mom.

    ‘‘I’m thankful to all the heroes of Ukraine, but I’m hurting and our entire country is hurting because the changes that are happening now had to be paid for with the blood of our heroes. We’re mourning them, now and forever.

    ‘‘These important changes are happening, for me, for our country and for our team that were campaigning for my mother’s freedom. Today is a big day, a victorious day,” added Tymoshenko.