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Jean-Claude Van Damage

il y a 4 ans772 views

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The muscles from Brussels himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme starts in our latest action short... kind of.

Special thanks to Justin Kanew, Ethan Newberry and the Funny or Die team for making this dream a reality!

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Produced and Directed by Dez Dolly, Ben M. Waller, and Freddie Wong
Written By Dez Dolly and Jon Karmen
Shot by Ben M. Waller and Lauren Haroutunian
Cut by Ben M. Waller
VFX by Clinton Jones
Starring Freddie Wong, Dez Dolly, Benji Dolly, Jon Karmen, Ben M. Waller, Lauren Haroutunian, Clinton Jones, and Jake Andrews

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Jean-Claude Van Damage
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