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    Social Media False Rumor Detector in the Works

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Soon, there may be a way to tell if people’s social media posts are filled with lies.

    Social Media has the ability to spread a lot of information in a very small amount of time, but, unfortunately, it can’t tell if the words its sending along are true.

    Soon, there may be a way to tell if people’s posts are filled with lies.

    Five universities are currently working on Pheme, a technology that will help separate fact from fiction.

    The need for such a system became abundantly apparent to many after the London Riots, where social media played a substantial role.

    Said one of the lie detector’s developers, "…social networks also provide useful information. The problem is that it all happens so fast and we can't quickly sort truth from lies. This makes it difficult to respond to rumours…"

    In order to respond to them, they must first be identified, and that’s what this software does.
    It searches for information sources and accounts being used. Simultaneously, it tracks the conversation and monitors how the consistent the story is staying as it travels through the social online universe.

    Suspicious places of origin, conduits, and narrative embellishment will be communicated to the users, so they can be aware that dubious material is being spread.