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    9/11 Truth: NIST Report Debunked


    by BadKitty

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    It doesn't matter how long it would take to rig the building. It's just that explosives are the only explanation for the speed of fall of WTC 1, 2 and 7. The speed is the only thing that cannot be debunked or hidden. Not quite free-fall, due to air resistance between floors, but as fast as other controlled demolitions. See equations of physics of falling bodies with air resistance, on wikipedia and, or a physics book.
    Reading the NIST report was the last straw for me (admitting free-fall speed). The speed of fall requires the structure had been removed, or else the collapses would have occurred in a much longer time, to allow upper falling floors to impact (and thus be slowed down) by lower floors The collapse time of each building would then have taken many times longer than free fall, instead of a few seconds.
    By engineer19895 years ago
    No, by "mess" I mean the time and disruption and debris you'd have everywhere at the time you rigged all those explosives on nearly every beam on every floor. It woul take dozens of men months using dozens of truckloads of explosives and violate the workspace of thousands of people doing it.
    By batvette6 years ago
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